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Our Nissan GTR GT3RR Style for Nissan’s Mighty GTR

We have been involved with the R35 GTR since the UK launch back in 2008 and in 2011 we produce our own wide body kit loosely based on the 2009 GTR GT1, as it was that race car that ignited our GTR addiction, and with the Launch of the GT3 car in 2011 it was a car we just had to have a street version of, which didn’t take long for that to happen on a global scale.

The wide body carbon fibre conversion consists of the following parts;​

Front Bumper, Front Under Floor Splitter, Front Wider Vented Fenders, Vented Side Skirts, Wider Vented Rear Quarters, Rear Bumper Light panel, Lower rear bumper panel, Rear Diffuser, Rear Diffuser Strakes, ​​Vented Bonnet (Hood) Rear Wing Assembly

For this street going aero kitted GTR we offer a range of optional extras
Custom Nitron Coilover Suspension, Custom Exhaust in Titanium or Inconel

Our GTR conversion come with a bespoke aluminium forged 3 piece wheel in a choice of sizes in our two designs that you can view on our GTR wheel option

12x20 > 12.5x20 > 13x20 > 14x20 / Tyres; 325/30R20 & 345/30R20 

Forged Magnesium wheels are available for this conversion on request

We offer no engine tuning option for the Nissan GTR, but we work with the elite companies that bring the best tuning options to the Nissan GTR platform

Nisan GTR Wide Body
I C H I B A N  


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