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Our Forged 3 Piece Aluminium wheels are built specifically for our range of bespoke built GT3 vehicles, each wheel design has been chosen for these particular GT3 cars and each design is available for your build of choice in our range, every style has been meticulously chosen, they are not only aesthetically pleasing to the eye, but also enhance the look of the individual build.

Known as the Road and Race range, they are available in size that we recommended for the selected build

in size, widths and offsets according to our GT3 street conversion.

BMW Z4 GT3 V8 Street

10.5x19 Front & 13x19 Rear, we recommend 265/35R19 Front & 325/30R19 Rear tyres 

Nissan GTR GT3 Street

12x20 Front & 13x20 Rear, we recommend 325/3020 Front and 345/30R20 Rear Tyres

Porsche 997 R13 GT3R Street
10.5x19 Front & 13x19 Rear, we recommend 265/35R19 Front & 345/30R19 Rear tyres

Porsche 991 R16 GT3R Street
11x20 Front & 13x20 Rear, we recommend 275/35R20 Front & 345/30R20 Rear tyres

Cayman RSR / RSR Evo
11x19 Front & 14x19 Rear, we recommend 275/35R19 Front & 345/30R19 Rear tyres 

Magnesium forged 3 piece wheels are also available on request, along with pre-preg carbon fibre skinned outer barrels as an option, titanium hardware is also available on request, as are the Titanium wheel nut or bolts, we offer a full range of colour options with Satin Black or Silver offered as a standard finish.   

Bespoke Forged Alloy Wheel Collection  

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