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Why Bilstein Suspension 


We recommend the Bilstein B16 coilover suspension for our GT3 Street conversion.
When you drive, you drive with passion. Control is in your hands. You are prepared ̶ your ride too: with a turn of a knob – from everyday life to attack. This is what our BILSTEIN B16 track performance threaded ride height adjustable kits stand for. With their Dual-Click adjustment – they are easy to handle and twice as effective, Bilstein are way ahead

Technology & Knowledge
The world‘s leading automobile brands trust BILSTEIN for a reason – our technologies and quality set the highest standards. Each development is a new milestone and represents the pioneering spirit of BILSTEIN, an essence which manifests itself in every product we manufacture.

Innovation and high-tech in suspension technology – this is what we represent with our experience out of over 60 years OE replacement and 50 years in motorsport. The knowledge of our engineers fuels our products that are found in production sites in Europe, America, and China. Tuning experts and professionals in motorsports also rely on proven and long-lasting quality made by BILSTEIN.

Adjustable Systems
With BILSTEIN 1-way, 2-way and 4-way adjustments, we give maximum flexibility to the driver – in the most easy way: By turning an easily accessible adjustment knob, the driver can setup his suspension and therefore adjust rebound and compression (with 2-way) individually to the road.  

BILSTEIN Performance
BILSTEIN performance suspension systems put you at the forefront of driving pleasure. We combine the best technologies, components and parts for you, your style and your demands. The same ones that we develop and test for our customers like Porsche, BMW or Mercedes-Benz and refine them to perfection in our BILSTEIN road tests under motor sports conditions.


Bilstein Suspension
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