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2 & 3 Piece Magnesium Forged wheel collection 

Our 2 or 3 Piece Forged Magnesium range of wheels are built specifically for our GT3RR line up. Available in 19" 20" & 21" sizes, with a selection of widths depending on required tyre sizes, Super light weight magnesium forged centres are are preferred wheel material of choice, Forged aluminium options are also available with various offsets on request. We also have a Hybrid Magnesium and Carbon Fibre option with magnesium centre design, carbon fibre barrel fastened with titanium hardware. 

Available widths for the GT3RR conversions: 

10x19 > 10.5x19 > 11x19 > 11.5x19 > 12x19 > 12.5x19 > 13x19    //   10x20 > 10.5x20 > 11x20 > 11.5x20 > 12x20 > 12.5x20 > 13x20 

10x21 > 10.5x21 > 11x21 > 11.5x21 > 12x21 > 12.5x21 > 13x21

We have super light weight wheels in all sizes, finishes and configurations, in various materials to suit all budget restraints, please get

in-touch with us to discuss your individual requirements, we cater for road, race, rally, applications.


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