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Welcome to the GT3 Road & Race 

We use only the finest materials when building our vehicles, our aero parts being crafted from carbon fibre and Carbon Kevlar, our bespoke

forged multipiece wheels being crafted from either forged magnesium or forged aluminium and our in-house manufactured exhaust systems available

in stainless, titanium or Inconel, these are the world’s most exotic materials and all standard features with our fully built in-house conversions.   

The GT3RR brand was born from a collaboration between likeminded mutually invested people, striving for the same thing, high quality built GT3 styled race cars in road going form. After several successful bespoke car builds of our own, the desire to create a brand was realised to encompass our passion for elegance in automotive tailoring. We offer both complete one off car sales as well as customer vehicle conversion based bespoke builds, that are built to your exact specification. We have concepts and ideas we are constantly working on, so if you can't see what you’re looking for?  we're confident GT3-RR can surpass your expectations.

Art, Some people collect it... We build it   

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